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Welcome to Corrective Chiropractic!

Dr Carnes

We are excited to introduce ourselves to you and invite you to learn more about our family wellness center. 

We are celebrating our 10th year in Miller Place, but a lot of what we have to offer is brand new within this past year, with many exciting things coming!

We are passionate about keeping up with the latest advances in healing and recovery, health maintenance and immunity, injury prevention and fitness optimization. We are tuned into the latest clinical studies on supplementation and detoxing. And we are committed to investing in your vitality and longevity with the latest innovations in cell repair, including red light and infrared sauna therapies, exclusion zone (EZ) water therapy, PEMF, trigger point therapy and much more. We also just installed an advanced treatment table that achieves gentle and precise traction and decompression, and allows those with mobility issues to get on and off the table with ease. 

There is no other facility quite like ours in Suffolk County, in fact. And as we enter the next phase of COVID and the stress and anxiety of these times, our resolve to contribute to our collective healing is stronger than ever. Because at the end of the day, all the high-tech gear in the world cannot replace the power of the human spirit and care-giving that is provided from a place of listening and intuitively responding to an individual’s needs. This is the founding principle that guides our service to the community each and every day.

We hope that you accept my invitation to tour our facility during your first consult with me that includes a spinal assessment. You are also invited to enjoy a 10-minute Aquabed massage treatment that all our patients receive as part of their visit with us. It’s something that gets a lot of thumbs up in our Google reviews!

You can read more about what we are up to on a day-to-day basis on our social media, including Facebook and Instagram. And read more about my experience on my About Me page.

When you are ready, give us a call at (631) 849-1586 to set up your first session. Or fill out a Request for Appointment below. You can save some time on your first visit by filling out your medical information on our secure online form.

We look forward to meeting you!


Dr. Michael P Carnes

FYI. When visiting for the first time, it's helpful to look at a map we made to show how we are set back from the road in a quiet building you probably pass by every day and never notice. We are just East of the Miller Place Car Wash and just West of Tuscany Market, in the same parking lot as Wisdom Tree Preschool on the North side of 25A. There is another Chiropractor on the East side of the building called Sunshine Chiropractic.

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