“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.” — BJ Palmer


I believe that all of what Chiropractic can offer is based on the core principle that the body itself holds an incredible source of inner wisdom and an ever-present potential for optimum health.

A disease symptom is the body’s early warning system letting us know that there is an interference in our natural state of well-being. And not unlike a “Check Engine Soon” light, if we disconnect the sensor (by only taking meds that dull the pain but don't address the root issue) and ignore the warning for too long, we risk compounding the issue and causing more long-lasting damage to the body.

You are in the right place, if you are looking to align with:

  • A compassionate doctor who listens and intuitively gives you individualized treatments that meet your individual needs
  • A community that loves learning about the latest research in natural health and healing, and enjoys passing on that info for everyone’s benefit


You are in the right place, if you are on a healing journey and feel strongly that:

  • There are many proven ways to heal the body outside of surgery, pain meds and other harmful pharmaceuticals that mask the issue and don’t always address the root cause
  • Staying healthy takes discipline, awareness and attention to every organ and function of the body, therefore a “healthcare” provider should see you as a whole person and is a partner in your care over the long term — treating acute issues like back pain, migraines and allergies to boosting of the immune system


You are in the right place, if you value:

  • A calm, friendly and clean environment that is designed for your comfort and healing in every detail
  • The flexibility to get a same-day appointment
  • Never waiting more than 20 minutes to see the doctor when you arrive


My goal when working with new patients is to bring you from a state of relief from acute pain and misalignment to a place where we can prepare you for a long life of vitality and freedom.

Dr Michael Carnes

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