Stem Cell Therapy

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The Newest in Non-Surgical Treatments for Chronic Pain  

Stem Cell Therapy, also referred to as "Regenerative Medicine", not only eliminates pain, but in most cases regenerates and heals problem areas with no side effects or down time.

Science-Based and Validated

Regenerative Medicine methods are being performed at most major university hospitals around the country with studies being performed and data collected and analyzed on a continuous and cumulative basis.

How do Stem Cells work?

When we are born, we have millions and millions of stem cells, which are attached to our capillaries. These particular type of cells are the only cells that can reproduce into other specialized types of cells, like blood, bone and muscle cells. They are also able to repair damaged tissue.

As we age however, stem cells become dormant or non-functional. After we reach full bone growth in our late teens or early twenties, only 10% of our stem cells remain active to help us heal. In addition, we have fewer capillaries for the regenerative cells to attach to as we age. Thus, our bodies begin to de-generate rather than re-generate.

By transplanting the correct tissue in the correct amount, into an injured or painful part of your body, we can activate dormant stem cells that can regenerate into new tissue, reduce inflammation and restore normal function.

How does Stem Cell Therapy compare to conventional options for pain

Stem Cells

When we experience pain, our first reaction is to take an over-the-counter pain reliever to stop the pain. When we are in our 20s and 30s, pain killers seem to “work” just fine. The pain “miraculously” subsides and goes away, and we can go back to our regular activities. As we age however, pain killers don’t seem to “work” like they used to!

This is because pain killers essentially make you forget about the injured areas while the body goes about the work of repairing itself. With many stem cells at work, healing in our 20s and 30s just happens on its own, and fairly quickly without putting a halt to our daily activities. As we age however, we have fewer stem cells doing repair work, injuries tend to linger, and over-activity can lead to serious degeneration and damage to cartilage and bone.

When we seek medical help for pain that doesn't want to go away, we are given the option to take stronger drugs, but the damage often continues to worsen, at which point we offered even stronger pain meds. When the strongest pain meds stop working, we are given the option of surgery, which is not a guarantee of success and can come with lengthy and painful rehab, possible complications, more pain meds and the ever-present risk of infection.

Stem Cell Therapy restores and rebuilds the body gently and quickly, with lasting relief

Unlike most conventional treatments, Stem Cell Therapy is focused on re-activating your body's own repair mechanisms to not just stop your pain but restore your own tissue and bone. It is non-invasive and there are no side effects. Stem Cells are delivered to targeted areas via injections done right in our office. 

Your First Consult

At your Consult with Dr Carnes, he will measure the degree of your injury and/or chronic condition and review imaging you may already have. Analysis of the amount of motion available in the injured area will be performed, as well as other scans or tests deemed necessary.

Depending on the assessment of the issue, the location of the pain and the degree of tissue degeneration, Dr Carnes will prescribe a protocol that is designed for your individual best outcome.

Introduction to Stem Cell Therapy  

Free Informational Session and Q&A
with Dr. Michael P. Carnes

Thursday, June 6th — 6-8pm


Part of our Regenerative Medicine Lecture Series

This informative dinner and educational lecture is your opportunity to learn more about the life-changing potential for this groundbreaking therapy, and have your questions answered directly by Dr Michael P. Carnes, one only a few doctors on Long Island to offer individualized Stem Cell Therapy protocols.

Dr Michael P Carnes

Frequently asked questions we will discuss include:

  • What is Stem Cell Therapy? And how is it administered?
  • How many years has the safety and effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy been studied? 
  • Stem Cell Therapy is known to be very effective for joint pain, are there other effective applications?
  • How are Stem Cells harvested?
  • How long does it take to start experiencing relief? How long do the benefits last? 
  • Is there downtime after treatments? Are there any known side effects?
  • How many treatments are advised?
  • How much do treatments cost? Are treatments covered by insurance? 

This event is FREE and open to all, but attendance is limited. 
Dinner will be provided. 

RSVP today to reserve your seat! 631-849-1586

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