What patients are saying...

  • Michelle S

    'I practically crawled into Dr. Carnes office almost a year ago with the worst back pain imaginable! It was, 'go to the hospital and get drugs and surgery' or pray corrective chiropractic could help me. Well, the best decision I ever made was choosing Dr. Carnes. With his help, I was walking in less than a week. The entire staff is amazing and I still go for maintenance. I will be a life time patient!'

  • Linda L

    'When I first came to Dr. Mike, I was in a lot of pain with my back. He worked on my back and now I am 100% better now! I also had pain on the top of my foot. Dr. Mike treated it and it is much better. He has improved the quality of my life. He has blessed me so much. He is very compassionate and kind, he is a great doctor. He is also very caring and wants to make his patients well so they can enjoy their lives without pain. I thank God for sending me to Dr. Mike.'

  • Alina W

    'Dr Carnes goes above and beyond! He successfully treated some moderate neck pain last year and a knee injury from a fall.

    I had no idea that he would help bring me through a real rough time suffering with Anaplasmosis (a rare and debilitating tick co-infection) in July of 2018. I literally dragged myself into the office, and each time I walked out feeling world's better. Within six weeks, I got back to yoga and biking after not being to venture far from the couch with fevers, severe joint pain, headaches and a whole host of other symptoms. Three months after initially getting sick, I went to a three-day mountain biking festival in Arizona!

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  • James M

    'During the Christmas/New Year's holiday 2015, my normally achy neck (arthritis) locked up so that to look to the side I had to turn my shoulders. This made driving a car, looking up to a movie screen, or just plain sitting watching TV uncomfortable and nearly impossible. I made an appointment with Dr. Michael Carnes at Corrective Chiropractic and met with him on January 6. Dr. Carnes did all the normal things expected at a chiropractor's visit such as heat, massage, and adjustments, but he also had machines that he utilized in the treatment. I don't know the names of all these machines but they are used to break up the deposits keeping me from having full mobility in my neck. With each visit, the range of motion in my neck increased so that after a month, I had almost complete motion returned.

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  • Jennifer H

    'I have worked in healthcare for over 20 years and it has taken a toll on my back. I was hesitant to see a Chiropractor but couldn’t take the pain anymore. I started seeing Dr. Mike a year and a half ago and it has made a huge difference in my daily life. I am able to get through my day with less pain.

    What has pleased you most in your course of treatment?

    The caring and compassion that they have for their patients. Always trying the latest techniques and equipment to better improve patient care.'

  • Mandy G

    'I was in a motor vehicle accident in September and shortly after met Dr Mike at an event. I overheard him speaking about how a properly aligned spine is so important to optimal function of all of your other organs. At the time, I was just treating my injuries with physical therapy. I made an appointment with him right away. After my first visit, I immediately felt the positive effects. I was able to stand taller and more easily, with a lot less pain. I have multiple tears, herniations and bulging discs from my accident, and getting treated three times a week has diminished the pain and helped me with range of motion.

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  • Angela F

    'Chiropractic has helped me to cope with my job’s physical stress.

    What would you say to a friend or family member who was curious about Chiropractic care?

    I would strongly suggest care at Dr Mike’s office.

    What has pleased you most in your course of treatment?

    He’s a very competent Chiropractor. I am very pleased with the friendly staff and how accommodating they are.'


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