Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF)

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF) amplifies the body’s own injury and disease recovery processes by restoring the cells’ ability to function properly within our skin, bones and organs  

PEMF Restores Health at the Cellular Level

What do professional athletes, coaches and teams, the United States Military, the most cutting-edge hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, plastic surgeons and prolific inventor, electrical engineer and futurist Nikola Tesla all have in common? 

They understand the tremendous healing power that is already a part of us — the electromagnetic frequency at which our cells resonate. And they utilize PEMF technology, like the Diapulse machine that we have invested in for our patients, work with the body's energy to facilitate rapid healing.

How does a PEMF machine work to heal the body?

Pulsed energy waves directed to an injured area at particular frequency waves travel painlessly through the body and increase the spin of the electrons within the cells in areas that need it. 

Healthy cells have both positive and negative charges that — not unlike the process of breathing in oxygen and exhaling our carbon dioxide or the process of eating and eliminating — facilitate the exchange of potassium, sodium and calcium ions throughout the body. When cells are over-stressed or damaged, the balance of these charges is off and the body’s ability to regenerate and heal is hindered. Injuries, emotional stress, exposure to toxins and chronic disease and pain are all common causes of cellular damage. PEMF restores the balance of positive and negative charges within damaged cells, restoring them to their normal function.

FDA Approved

PEMF therapy is FDA approved for treatment of fracture non-unions and for the enhancement of bone formation after lumbar and cervical spine fusion surgery. Because PEMF has been shown to decrease markers of inflammation, it is also of interest as a potential therapeutic in soft tissue healing environments. PEMF has been utilized in clinical studies to treat osteoarthritis, epicondylitis and rotator cuff tears.

Is it safe?

"Decades of scientific double-blind and control studies published in peer review medical journals around the world has proven the Diapulse to be a safe effective adjunctive treatment of postoperative edema and pain."   

Treatments can be done through clothing and wound dressings. There are no contraindications and no side effects.

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