Cold Laser Therapy

Non-Invasive Treatment for Pain and Inflammation, Injury Recovery & more...

Cold Laser Therapy

We are invested in the long-term health of our community, therefore we are always researching and investing in the latest, most cutting-edge healing modalities and technologies to help you in your recovery. We are especially excited to announce our acquisition of the Erchonia FX-635 Laser to add to what we can offer you and your loved ones in your healing journey.

Low-Level Laser Technology (LLLT), also known as "cold laser", can reduce inflammation and pain almost immediately, but most experience significant improvements and/or recovery within six to nine sessions, depending on the severity of their condition. 

Erchonia FX-635 Laser

Thousands of research studies over the past 50 years continue to confirm that red and near infrared light wavelengths encourage the cell’s mitochondria to produce more ATP and promote natural healing within the cell.

The Erchonia FX-635 Laser had a 72% success rate in clinical trials

After much research, we chose the Erchonia FX-635 because of its 72% success rates in clinical trials. We've watched the company's commitment to applied research and clinical trials over the years. Trials are underway to gain additional FDA approval for brain injuries, pain associated with surgery and even acne and cellulite.

The body's muscles, ligaments, cartilage and nerves naturally absorb the light treatments without adverse side effects. You remain awake throughout the four to eight minute treatment and experience no burning, scarring or downtime, allowing you to get on with the rest of your day. We've been incorporating the device in treatments since October, and already patients are experiencing great results. We will also be talking more about how we are improving patient outcomes with the laser at one of our upcoming talks, so stay tuned!

Watch this short video about the Erchonia FX-635.


"My chronic heel pain forced me to stop running and was causing pain at the end of my work day. I was ready to opt for surgery until I heard about this new device that was proven to help with plantar fasciitis pain. Initially I was skeptical, but was really opposed to surgery so I gave the laser treatment a shot as a last option. After just a few treatments I was able to resume my exercise routine without soreness and haven't had to take any medications since to control the pain." — Mark R

The Erchonia Laser is safe, non-invasive, no-touch and pain-free, and it's FDA approved. Ask us how the Erchonia Laser can help you.

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